Discover Meat

On the road time and budget reporting

We developped the easiest tool to track your projects, check it out!


Dynamic JavaScript mock server
  • Need to mock your API while developing your cool frontend app?
  • Locally?
  • As an npm dev dependency of your project?
  • Need to modify data on POST calls?
  • With data persistence ability?
  • For(ever) free?

Drosse is all of that with some sugar and a unique UI to manage all your instances!


Be Zulu!

Podcast web player

Podcast is a great technology, especially as an iTunes user…

When you’re a DJ and need to promote your mixes, having a podcast is very helpful but some crucial aspects of your communication are not met:

  • visual impact
  • no software dependency
  • direct (one click) access to music

We tried to address those issues for the Be Zulu! crew, hope you enjoy the sound 🎧

Hugo-powered website with SPA search app

Ferenc Farkas was a famous hungarian classical music composer.

His family did a wonderful job documenting his work (more than 800 pieces) with pictures, author cd’s and a complete catalogue of works.

Our contribution in promoting Farkas’s work was to make a website that best enhances the incredible work made over the years by his family.

And thanks to the Jamstack we lowered the hosting costs to a minimum: zero 🤓


Who we are

We are 2 experienced fullstack web developers based in Switzerland. We’ve been in the game for the last 20 years and currently work as senior consultants.

Jota is a side project we started in 2019 and work on during our free time. We give our hearts at it and take all the time and effort needed to build meaningful, performant and easy-to-use softwares.

Our goal is to sell our enterprise-grade software(s) and release open-source projects freely for the community.

We plan to start selling in 2021.